Robotic Process Automation


Advancements in Process Automation and Artificial Intelligence, coupled with the proliferation of chatbots has resulted in organizations worldwide leveraging Robotic Process Automation (RPA) to bring in efficiency and to reduce cost. RPA refers to the automation of high-volume and mundane processes through the implementation of advanced software robots, which ‘mimic’ the actions of a human user while performing the same activity at scale and with no errors. At Opteamix, we have deep expertise in both Robotics Automation Process and Cognitive Automation that enable organizations to develop their digital workforce.

Services Offerings

Consulting Services

We help assess your automation readiness, conduct workshops, and determine the requirements for a Center of Excellence (CoE) and develop an automation strategy and a roadmap.

  • Opportunity Assessment
  • Business Case Creation
  • Roadmap Creation
  • Tool Selection
  • Workshops
  • Pilot Implementation
  • ROI Forecast
  • CoE Requirements

Implementation Services

We execute your automation strategy and implement RPA solutions that work in the production environment while establishing governance and developing an RPA Center of Excellence (CoE).

  • Automation Pipeline
  • Solution Design
  • Script Development
  • Security Implementation
  • Testing
  • Deployment
  • Training
  • CoE Requirements

Managed Services

We manage, enhance, monitor, and continually optimize your robotic process automation implementation while augmenting RPA CoE with best practices.

  • Control, Monitor and Schedule Processes
  • Support and Maintenance
  • Enhancements
  • Upgrade the Tools
  • Manage CoE
  • Metrics and Dashboard
Robotic Process Automation

Robotic process automation is a technology that uses bots to mimic repetitive actions carried out by human users. For example, RPA bots can make calculations, gather information from the internet, do copy-paste tasks, fill forms, connect APIs, gather unstructured data, and other mundane tasks. In simple words, it can help take care of repetitive tasks that do not require a lot of thinking. These bots can be scheduled, programmed, customized, and even shared based on business requirements.

RPA bots can work round the clock. And, they do not make any mistakes. RPA bots can also be programmed to interpret data, communicate with other systems, and trigger responses. Robotic process automation tools can help you build a digitized workforce that can work tirelessly.

Why choose RPA over other automation tools?

The various ways in which your organization will benefit from RPA digital transformation solutions are:

Higher Productivity

RPA bots can help accelerate workflows by independently processing multiple workflows and consolidating them for a cohesive solution. These automated bots can work round the clock without any break, giving you higher productivity. The higher levels of productivity enable fast benefit realization for organizations.

Higher Accuracy

With bots, you can expect 100% accuracy in the tasks and complete compliance with the regulations and rules. RPAdigital transformation in sectors such asbanking and healthcare helps these organizations meet the global standards for quality and performance.

Highly Scalable

The bots are highly customizable, allowing you to scale their performance when your process requirements evolve or increase in scale. One of the key features of RPA tools is its flexibility. Even when faced with an unexpected large workload, the bots can be scaled up to meet the sudden hike without any drop in the quality.

Higher Cost Savings

RPA technology solutions require minimal investment upfront. Its maintenance costs are also lower when compared to manual processing. The code-free intuitive interface is easy to learn and apply. So, you can easily train your team to deploy RPA bots. Robotic automation reduces time, effort, and costs to complete mundane tasks, which results in overall savings.

Cross-Platform Deployment

One of the best features of RPA digital transformation is that you donot need to make too many changes to your existing system. The highly functional bots can seamlessly work with all software applications and tools. So, there is no disruption to the underlying systems. It also enables enterprise-wide collaboration across horizontals and verticals.

How does Robotic Process Automation work?

Robot Process Automation interacts with digital systems just like a human would. A few of the tasks that robotic process automation tools can easily perform are:

How Does RPA Drive Digital Transformation?

The future lies in automation and this is driven by RPA tools and solutions. A comprehensive RPA framework enables you to execute processes at super-fast speeds without any drop in quality. It also ensures 100% compliance as required by industry standards. Automating the mundane tasks frees your employees to focus on business development, enabling you to build a digital workforce that is highly reliable and scalable.

Who benefits from RPA?

Organizations – Any business or company that wants to leverage automated solutions to gain better productivity, higher accuracy, and complete compliance will benefit from RPA solutions. Organizations will benefit from less investment and higher returns.

Employees – RPA tools are easy to learn and use. Plus, it frees up employees from working on repetitive tasks. So, they can focus on what they are passionate about and help in the development of the organization.

Users – RPA automated solutions can help improve the customer satisfaction index. Users are happy as they get faster results.

Digital transformation is not all about building the RPA tools, but implementing the RPA solutions the right way. Think of the long-term benefits when you use an RPA tool or a combination of RPA solutions. However, to ensure the best results from digital transformation, it is important to do an extensive assessment of the eligibility for RPA implementation. Identifying the right digital transformation solutions based on your business goals can be a real game-changer. The versatility of RPA is that it enables you to come up with the most creative ways to use this technology in your business operations.

Success Stories

Learn how our clients have reaped multiple benefits by including RPA in their business strategy, revolutionizing the way they function.Learn how our clients have reaped multiple benefits by including RPA in their business strategy, revolutionizing the way they function.

Comprehensive RPA Solution Framework

Optimize your automation capabilities with our comprehensive process control framework that has been forged through rigorous hours of learning and testing and has been put to test in varied and complex client environments.

RPA Solution Framework

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Meet our Automation Experts

Walt Carper
SVP, US Delivery

Walt brings with him the strategic vision, experience and mature judgment gained from his 20 years of leading complex Information Technology programs for multinational companies - with a particular focus on Digital Workforce, Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Artificial Intelligence (AI), and Global Business Services (GBS). His greatest strength lies in leveraging his prowess in technology to turn customer challenges into success stories.

Yashasvi Raykar
Vice President, Technology

Yashasvi is a versatile and hands-on leader who has directed delivery teams successfully to design and implement complex RPA projects by aligning Business and IT objectives. He has built the Opteamix RPA service line and has led Intelligent Automation roadmap designs for Fortune 500 companies across multiple industry verticals. He has also built large automation business cases and POCs for improving process outcomes for global organisations.

Jason Beeson
Director, US Delivery

Jason is a technology and business leader with a demonstrated history of high performance in technology strategy, delivery, consulting, product development and customer management. His expertise lies in optimising project processes & delivery operation using innovative technology such as AI and RPA. He has developed several Bots for various clients spanning multiple business cases to streamline operations that drive growth with increased efficiency.

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